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Have an idea that you want to turn into a thriving company? Jon and CEO Michelle McBride of GoodSport Nutrition talk about the mind/body/spirit connection of building a company and connecting to your consumers with the same energy.

Founder, Michelle McBride, developed GoodSport™ as a solution to a problem she perceived in the sports drink category – the lack of an all-natural sports drink that provided effective hydration that was also was delicious and refreshing.

Michelle didn’t want her son to drink the sports drinks filled with artificial ingredients that were being offered to him at his baseball games. She tried the natural sports drinks, but they didn’t taste great and didn’t provide any level of hydration beyond that of plain water. She knew athletes of all levels were facing the same predicament.

McBride started giving her son chocolate milk as a healthier alternative, and it sparked an idea. When she decided to create a sports drink from a natural source that would provide superior hydration, McBride’s initial research revealed that milk is packed with the electrolytes needed for optimal hydration and that scientific studies have demonstrated that milk is more hydrating than water.

So, McBride enlisted some of the world’s foremost sports nutrition and dairy experts to unlock the power of milk and create a sports drink that would deliver superior hydration backed by science. The result was GoodSport™ — a clear, refreshing sports drink that provides naturally powerful hydration, made from the goodness of milk.

But that’s not all, McBride didn’t just want to create a healthier sports drink, she wanted to create a healthier narrative in sports. There are many notable benefits that come from participating in sports and fitness; however, research has shown a win-at-all-costs mentality and lack of accessibility are causing an alarming decrease in participation. McBride hopes to help change that by using GoodSport™ as a platform to inspire a more positive sports culture and by supporting programs aimed at getting more people in the game.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.