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Looking to increase revenue, reduce operational expenses, and complete high value objectives? Jon and Nick Fredrick, CEO of Rebar Technology, talk about how they are helping companies everyday.

Nick Fredrick is an experienced operational and technology leader with a deep focus on enhancing customer relationships. Currently, he is the president of Rebar Technology Solutions, LLC — A subscription Management Software Service.

Rebar Technology Solutions, LLC was created to help companies needing support with subscription technology and operations. Nick and his team of 12 have processed billions of dollars in transactions. His expertise brings his clients improved revenue and reduced expenses, while implementing systems that scale faster and with greater stability. Rebar Technology has a leg up in the financial technology realm. He is offering his clients extreme customization and enhanced customer relations to help avoid getting stuck with a vendor that does not scale. There is no doubt that eCommerce is exploding during this time and subscription fatigue is inevitable. Nick would love to talk about how engaging effectively with your consumers is extremely important at this time to see an increase in revenue.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.