THINK Big 2-Minute Blog: Keep Plugging Away

Let’s face it, sales is sometimes difficult, and it’s never for the faint of heart. Even the best salespeople get discouraged now and then.

The next time you find yourself hesitating to make that call because you’re tired of rejection or fear that you’re becoming a pest, keep these facts in mind:

  • You bring huge value to your clients/prospects.
  • People’s initial reaction is usually “No.” Don’t take it personally, just keep asking.
  • Never let them hear any hesitation in your voice.
  • 10% of being a salesperson is that you must be okay with the fact that 10% of the time you will feel like a loser, no matter your age or how long you’ve been in the game.
  • Remember, it often takes 17 “touches” (calls, emails, follow-ups) to get someone to call you back.

There’s a reason really good salespeople are called “elite” and bring in the big bucks. They consider themselves entrepreneurs who treat their territory as their own personal business. They never rest on their laurels but are always looking to expand their pipeline. And that is how you think big … Really Big!