THINK Big 2-Minute Blog: Shift Your Consciousness

We’ve all heard that dreaded brushoff: “Thanks, but I’m not interested. I don’t want to waste your time.”

Here’s how to combat that:

  • Say (and mean): “The only person who has the power to waste my time is me.”
  • Say (and mean): “This is what I do. I wouldn’t offer it if I thought it was a waste of time.”
  • Practice saying these things so you don’t sound hesitant.
  • Remember, there is meaning in your work:
  • You make life for clients easier
  • You make and/or save money for clients
  • You help clients employ more people, grow their culture, invest back in their business, contribute to causes they care about, and live their best life
  • Practice believing what you are saying with confidence and boldness!