Every business person wants to earn more money, be more efficient and build a huge client base. The No. 1 way to get more clients is to ask for referrals. Oftentimes, getting referrals can be a challenge simply because of the reaction it elicits. Most professionals don’t ask for referrals because the word makes them sound cheap. An uncomfortable word, referrals often evokes desperation, and most salespeople prefer to avoid it.

Beginning today, substitute the word referrals with the word introductions. Ask for introductions in one of these ways:

  • “Mr. Client, I noticed you are connected to Jane Smith on LinkedIn. Could you please make an introduction for me?”
  • “Mr. Client, could you please make an introduction to John Doe?”
  • Mr. Client, could you please introduce me to John Doe?”

Make a list of all your clients and start asking them for introductions to individuals you’d like to meet. Create a list of clients you feel comfortable asking for an introduction and then make a list of every company and/or person you’ve wanted to meet, but haven’t had the opportunity. Do some research and ask these clients if they know certain people. When you ask clients for an introduction, it’s a much more sophisticated and comfortable way to ask for new business.

The faster you get more new business in the door, the faster you have more dollars in your pocket. After you have secured an introduction, and begin pitching a new client, lead with the results. “Mr. Client, I was referred to you by Jane Doe. She was kind enough to make an introduction from me to you. She thought you had a need that I could service. If that’s the case, the results I have been experiencing with other clients have been…” Expand the conversation to your methodology, company size, etc. When talking to each client, make sure to always discuss results, and ask for introductions.

Put the word introductions at the top of your list, alongside the word results. Get rid of any other words that aren’t working, that don’t have any substance, aren’t getting you anywhere or are not helping you attain the desired results. Think about the times you’ve asked for a referral, and how many times it has worked. Start asking for introductions and compare the two. If using the word referrals works for you, then use it, but also try layering in the word introductions. You will likely find that your client is more comfortable, and more than willing to provide access to their friends, colleagues and their own clients.

By the way, if you know anyone who could benefit from my blogs, my website and/or services, please make an introduction for me. How was that!

Think Big!