5 Things I’ve Learned in My 50 Years: Never Look Back with Regret

I’m still a work in progress and wanted to share some things I have learned and continue to learn in my 50 years.

  1. Don’t let any bully take up any real estate in your mind, soul or bones. Speak up for yourself and don’t let anyone take your power or control you.
  2. NEVER look back with regret.
  3. Always remind yourself – what you are uniquely exceptional at. That ONE thing that comes so easy to you does not come easy to others. Share your gift!
  4. You can be a conscious capitalist. The more money you make, the more people you can help.
  5. Meditation can save your life, your day and/or your moments. It will get you back to center and into alignment. When you are in alignment, everything falls into place and allows things to flow through you.

Share your lessons with the world. You never know who needs to hear – or read — your words and wisdom!