I have been spending lots of time at the Apple Store recently. I got an iPad Pro, I have a MacBook Pro and my iPhone. I run my business off of those. What amazes me about Apple is so many things: the fact that it’s packed no matter what time of day. Mostly, the internal brand that all the employees are connected to. They live and breathe the Apple brand. They are so connected to the culture. The culture that they’re connected to just amazes me. The question I have is: what is your internal culture like? And are the people in your company connected to that culture? If they are, great continue to grow it. If they’re not, you’ve got a problem. And that’s something you want to fix. So think about that today. And if it’s not the way you want it, your culture, it’s time to start growing it the right way. With that in mind, have a great day! And always, Think Big!