My Tip of the Day is one most of my clients aren’t thinking about. If you are writing articles for any (media) outlet, if you are blogging, if you are interviewed on a television v show, if you are quoted…if you are doing anything. A lot of my clients tell me, “Hey, this is what happened and that’s that.”

Well, you take one piece of media and you can reprocess that into every social platform around in multiple different ways. For example, if you have an article that you wrote, you can probably turn that into 10 or 15 tweets, a video blog, you can probably turn that into a post or publish it on LinkedIn. You can rewrite it and post it on Facebook. You can target it to different audiences on all the different social media platforms, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever they may be. Don’t ever get a piece of marketing and only use it once. Reprocess it, reprocess it, reprocess in a lot of different ways. Have fun with it. If you have questions about how to do it, call or call someone who knows social media. Have a great day, and always, Think Big!