I wanted to talk to you about something that I talk to my clients a lot about: Accountability, both for themselves and within their entire company, their team. There’s a bar of accountability and below the bar, there is no accountability. And that is usually (indicative of) a company that has no or low standards, no accountability and no or low culture. As you rise up, with accountability you get a strong culture, high accountability and high standards. The question is: on the accountability bar, where are you as a leader, and where are you as a company? It’s something to think about. And if you’re low on that, you want to figure out a way to get above as high as you possibly can on the accountability bar. Without accountability, your business is not going to grow the way you want it to grow. I’m happy to chat about it and if you ever want to, or please email me or call me. Accountability is more important than most people think so pay close attention to it – starting today. Have a great day and always, Think Big!