Rest up – your face needs it!

Are you ready for a powerful business tool to grow your business today?

I’m going to give you the best piece of advice you may ever get in your personal life, and in your business life. It is the reason why people either like you, kind of like you or simply do not like you. It is the reason your heart’s intent doesn’t match what the office hears. It’s the reason you may or may not be the most-effective influence you want to be or think you are. It’s why you can or cannot ignite a movement in your company.

It’s the reason you have issues with your spouse, your kids, your neighbors and anyone you run into. It’s the reason servers at restaurants like you and why people are either drawn to you or drawn away from you. It is the reason you feel good about yourself. I say this because it is the pinnacle essence of what you feel about yourself. Therefore; it’s what others experience when they are with you. Even when they are not with you, they can sense it, see it and feel it when you are on the phone or about to walk into a meeting. This is a very serious lesson that will change your life. Are you ready to hear it?

Everything in your business and life depends on YOUR Resting face. Like it or not, this is how the world is judging you because this is how they think you are judging them.  If you want better results, change your resting face.  Not only that, it’s time to share your story with the world and make sure they understand your resting face. If you can’t change it, you can expose it and yourself. It’s time for you to be more vulnerable and let people know what that resting face means.

As of now, perceptions are going wild and everyone has their own water cooler opinion of you, your ideals, your intent and whether you are a kind soul or a jerk pretending to be kind. It’s time to line up the truth and give your team the reality that is in your heart. It’s time to be vulnerable and share the real you. If and when you do this, you will experience significant growth. People who would never follow you or rally behind you will begin to notice you and to really understand you. This is business bliss. You will find yourself laughing with people you have never laughed with and you will have conversations with people at new levels. Most importantly, you will see people go that extra mile for you.

If you haven’t seen Brené Brown’s TED talk or read her book, Daring Greatly, I’ll give you the gist. Get vulnerable- and be vulnerable – if you want to grow. As you open up who you really are so will your team open up. And, growth like you have never seen will begin to sprout. New ideas, new visions and new, refreshed cultures will emerge. You gotta trust me on this one.

Starting today, it’s time to start monitoring your resting face. Let people know the real you. It’s time.

Have fun with this one!

Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Have a great and productive day!

Think Big!