Blog - 6 Ways to Get Back to Simple in Sales - Jon Dwoskin

By Jon Dwoskin
CEO, The Jon Dwoskin Experience

Simplifying your sales strategy has benefits that can last a lifetime – and contribute to your success as a salesperson or entrepreneur. Keeping it simple when it comes to product design was Steve Jobs’ strategy at Apple, and it was an immensely successful tactic that also stood the test of time.

You can be immensely successful in sales – no matter what product or service you’re selling – by employing the same strategy that Steve Jobs and his product design team did.

Here are the six ways to get “back to simple” in your daily sales grind:

Stay organized
Implement 20-minute blocks of cold calling each day
Make sure you follow up!
Pen a hand-written note to 2 clients each week
Listen to a podcast or watch a sales video
Educating and spoon-feeding knowledge is key

1.  Staying organized is the most important way to remain successful in your career. Begin each day, and end each day, by organizing every hour. Resources such as my 90-Day Kickstart program and other in-depth planning resources will help. Stay organized to change and grow your sales game.

2. Implement 20-minute blocks of cold calling each day. Balance your precious time with blocks of cold calling. This technique helps ensure that you won’t get bored or dread making cold calls. While no sales person likes to cold call, it’s necessary to grow your business. Many sales people block out one to two hours a day, and never do it. Cold calling in 20-minute blocks will make this task more palpable.

3. Make sure you follow up! Return every call you receive, every day. If you can’t return the call that same day for some extenuating reason, send an email saying how important their call was important to you, and that you will call them tomorrow. Following up – and showing your client or that you care – is of utmost importance.

4. Pen a handwritten note to two current clients or two previous clients each week. It’s a simple gesture but will surely be met with resounding satisfaction. This note can be a thank you note, an expression of your gratitude for their business or just a reminder that you’re thinking of them. Your clients will know that you care about them enough to take the extra time to write a handwritten card. Going this extra mile catapults you ahead of other sales people vying for their time.

5. Listen to a podcast or watch a sales video. Watch a sales video, listen to a podcast or read an article every day to expand your horizons and educate yourself. If you do this every day, you will once position yourself ahead of the pack. Educating yourself with any kind of content you can get your hands on will empower you to ultimately pass on this knowledge to your clients.

6. Educate your clients. Be the salesperson that can take current events and spoon-feed exactly what they mean to your clients and prospects. For instance, if you’re a real estate broker, you should be able to explain how the Trump Administration will impact interest rates and investment real estate over the next four years.  Educating your clients – and building credibility and trust with them – is the glue that will make clients stick to you, and with you.


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