Today’s tip is to make sure that within your company, you have a clear message. And once you know what you want, you need to define exactly what that is. And you need to set the foundation. Once you know your message, you need to define your coral values, morals and purpose so you know your direction. Then you have to find out what differentiates you from any other person or any other company. And what is your uniqueness? What is your unique differentiator that is going to basically make somebody use you and not your competitor? And what are the benefits to you and your company versus anybody else. These are some very serious questions that you need to ask yourself and you need to clarify and define so you can grow your company. Without a clear message, you can’t expect people to walk in the door. Every single person and every single company has the same goal: to get clients in the door. If your message isn’t clear, they don’t know why they’re walking in. so make it clear. Have a great day and always, think big.