17 years ago, we anticipated Y2K. Now, we

Welcome 2017

Happy New Year! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments in 2016!

Raise the Roof in 2017!

It’s been a wild year – the Dow is up, the election was insane, my son had his bar mitzvah and the country is divided on politics. The good news: More people are speaking up and have a voice.

Here are some important thoughts and questions to ponder as you map out your 2017. Only answer these if you are looking to grow your business. If you’re not, know that your competitors are answering, strategizing and taking action on all of them. This is up to you!

Tossing the olives will make your company money.
No joke!

Nearly 30 years ago, American Airline execs were talking strategy and realizing that eliminating just one olive from each passenger’s salad plate would decrease costs by $40,000. Who’da thunk?

2017 Question: What ONE minor thing can you change in your company that will make a HUGE olive impact?

Cut it out and grow your business!

If you thought that tossing the olives was crazy, check out this sour note. Northwest Airlines saved $500,000 per year by cutting its limes into 16 pieces, instead of 10.

2017 Question: What can you cut out of your business in 2017?

Phones are the new watches. Who’s watching?

The average person checks their technology 150 times every day. Alexander Graham Bell would have loved this!

2017 Question: What are you doing to get noticed on your clients’ devices?

Thank you, Al Gore, for creating the internet.

I’ve read that there are 300 million interactive TV’s in use, two billion tablets, three billion connected computers, seven billion internet-connected accounts, 6-25 internet-connected devices in homes, and four billion smartphones sold every two years.

You may want to read that again…

2017 Question: What are you doing to avoid being disrupted by all of these new ways of experiencing your business/industry?

You can be trendy. No one will judge you.

Check out what Forbes says are the top 10 business trends that will drive success in 2017.

Don’t Miss: Brick and mortar stores without expertise disappear.
It’s all about value, folks. Don’t let yourself think otherwise.

2017 Question: How are you taking action on today’s trends so you don’t become obsolete tomorrow?

Millennials have a three-year shelf life.

Millennials are disrupting the workforce. Learn how to benefit from their brilliance as 60% of them leave their company in less than three years!

2017 Question: Are you asking, listening and evolving with the times?

Push it. Push it REAL GOOD

Salt N’ Pepa had it right!

Push yourself in 2017 to think differently, think bigger and be forward thinking.

The time is now.

Don’t procrastinate.

2017 Question: How will your company stand out in 2017 against your competitors?

Here’s to growth in 2017 for you and your company.

Have fun, ask yourselves the right questions, and always Think Big!