This month’s blog is going to be quick and to the point. Here are 10 tips to grow your business big. Very Big!

  1. Build Your Question Journal: Have a journal and write down three great questions that people ask. Those who ask the best questions … WIN!
  2. Be On Time, Every Time: Show up 15 minutes early to everything. Let people know they matter and give yourself time to breathe and regroup before starting your meeting.
  3. Drive and Learn: Start listening to books on tape or podcasts while in the car. Scrap the music or cut it down to 25 percent of the time.
  4. The Power of Delegation: Pick one thing every day that you can delegate to someone else. Give up the control and just do it. If you don’t have anyone to delegate to, see number 5.
  5. Invest in Yourself: Hire your first admin assistant – or add a second one. Always have someone to delegate anything not worth your time or within your expertise.
  6. It’s All about the Rituals: Have a morning, afternoon and evening ritual to bookend and frame your day. Have no more than three rituals in each day that keep your business moving forward. For example, ready the next day’s calendar, to-
    do list and/or call list before you leave the office.
  7. The Power of Three: Always know your top three priorities and activities for the day. Do these first – and never avoid them.
  8. It’s Not Negotiable: Have three non-negotiables that you do by midnight every day. For example, every call gets a call back or an email letting them know when you will follow up. These are tasks that may be boring, but move your business forward.
  9. Everything Compounds: Remember that everything you do compounds for the positive and the negative. If you do the
    right things every day, your business moves in the right direction. If you don’t, it won’t.
  10. Think Big: Hire a business coach to hold you accountable and give you the guidance, advice, wisdom and perspective to dive deeper into your business. This will grow your business, improve your bottom line, make you and your company more money, and make everyone happier than they were yesterday.

Practice one of the above tips each week for the next 10 weeks and you will grow your business to its next level.

Don’t wait – your competition isn’t.

Think Big!