When I was 18 years old, before I started college, my dad gave me a set of tapes for my Walkman called “The Psychology of Success” by Brian Tracy. He said to me, “Jonathan, I think you’ll learn more from these types of people than you will college.” And although I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a double major in Journalism and Economics, from the minute my dad gave me “The Psychology of Success” by Brian Tracy, I knew not only was I obsessed with the information and Brian Tracy, but I was obsessed with learning from these people.

From that day to today and all through college, I self-studied as much as I possibly could. I read as many books as I could and I listened to as many tapes as I possibly could to grow into my skill set with was ultimately one day to have a business growing other businesses as I am now.

So Brian Tracy, really my father was, but Brian Tracy was the foundation and the first person that I ever listened to and I credit him to a lot of my fundamental growth and obsession with doing what I’m doing and learning. So, it was “The Psychology of Success,” I’m 45, that got me started when I was 18 years old.

You can get it on Audible.com, you can get it on audio and it is incredible, filled with insightful information for any salesperson or businessperson and you will love it. I promise. It’s been amazing for me, so thank you Brian Tracy and my father for introducting me to him and it’s been an amazing journey since I listened to these tapes. Have an amazing day and always Think Big!