How to Think Like a CEO: : What is Your Company’s Bedrock?

With the first month of 2019’s business behind us, it is time to look toward the next steps of growing our businesses. Too often we become so focused on the minutiae of the day-to-day, that we forget the big picture.

In order for CEO-minded people to grow their businesses in a sustainable way, they must answer these questions:

• What is the bedrock of my company’s purpose, values, mission, and vision?
• How does my big picture vision of my company align with the bedrock of my company?

Bedrock is the strongest, most durable ground on which skyscrapers are built. If the foundation is unstable, the building will be unsafe. The same is true of our businesses. They must be built on the purpose, vision, mission, and vision of our companies.

Take five minutes of executive time, every day for ten days, to answer these questions. Each day, push yourself to implement your plan and take action!

Always build on a strong foundation and the sky is the limit.

Think BIG!


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