Jon Dwoskin’s THINK NOW Blog: Creating Contributions Instead of Complaints puts Things in the Right Perspective

It’s no secret that Detroit has faced its fair share of trials and tribulations over the past couple of decades, including recently being labeled a “hotbed” for COVID-19. Prior to the outbreak, during the down times there was a brand of shirt that started to pop up and create a sense of the “can-do” spirit many Detroiters take pride in today. The message was simple: “Detroit VS. Everybody.”

I had the privilege of speaking with Tommey Walker on our THINK Business Podcast and was able to pick the brain of the creator of this simple, yet profound, brand—one that is now in its sixth year. Tommey was also recently interviewed for Crain’s Detroit, where he gave great insight into how he’s fluidly shifted to create hope in a time of crisis.

Tommey has consistently provided a scrappy, can-do attitude during some of the most tumultuous times. He told both Crain’s and me that his platform is based on one very simple premise: “we use our platform only to not complain, but to contribute.” Using his gift of creativity, Tommey has sought to provide hope when people need it most, whether that is economic downturn or the uncertainty during a medical emergency.

In times like these, we could all—personally and professionally—take a lesson from Tommey Walker. By creating a rallying cry, “Detroit vs. Everybody,” and now, “Everybody vs. COVID-19,” he has placed the correct perspective on the situation. Tommey uses the whispers and nudges he feels to push his creativity and to contribute. He focuses on the journey, using the “chip on his shoulder” to push him to create tangible solutions.

Tommey has us Thinking Now by:

  • Always seeking to contribute, not complain
  • Being sensitive to the “whispers” of creativity and ready to act on them
  • Using the “chip on your shoulder” as an effective place to start to create positive change

Where are you being nudged or whispered to in these times? Is there something that you’ve always wanted to accomplish, or a contribution you feel you should make? If so, now is the time! Sure, working remotely has its own set of challenges, but this is a prime opportunity to create, to contribute, to make changes for the better!

Stay safe and stay well.

Think BIG!