THINK Big 2-Minute Blog: 5 Cold Calling Techniques to Get Prospects Calling Back

No one likes cold calling, but it’s an essential part of any sales job. Here are some tips to make them work.

  1. Have the proper mindset that you are not only going to make the calls, but that people will call you back. Think positively!
  2. Prepare by roleplaying. Most people just grab their list and start calling without any practice beforehand. If you’re new to sales, roleplay two or three hours a week. More seasoned? Give it at least 30 minutes each week. If you want to double your business, double your roleplay.
  3. Keep your voicemails to about 20 seconds. Be quick and relevant. Include your name, phone number (speak slowly!), the reason you are calling and the value you can bring.
  4. Leave a pertinent piece of information you’re hearing on the street or from clients that relates to what’s going on at the moment. This makes them want to call you back to hear more.
  5. Be persistent. Studies say that 80 percent of calls don’t get returned, and that you have to call someone 17 times before they call you back. Most salespeople, however, stop after two or three tries. Make the call, leave the message, and shoot a follow-up email. Repeat as necessary.

Think big, and turn those cold calls into hot prospects.