THINK Big 2-Minute Blog: Embrace Your Business Plan

To journey without a plan or a map is simply just wandering. And wandering in business never leads to success.

We need to be constantly reevaluating our business plans, almost to a point where they become a living organism. Start by reflecting on your business plan:

  • Do you connect with your business plan on a soul level? This is where our passion is evident.
  • Does your business plan have your energy and voice? This is where our authenticity is clear.
  • Does your business plan connect with you emotionally? This is where our business becomes an extension of who we are.

If the answer to any of these questions is not an emphatic yes, it’s time for some revaluation.

Business plans should start large and grow small; they should start forecasting the future and whittle themselves down to week-by-week actionable steps. Start by developing a three-year plan, then a two-year plan, and eventually a one-year plan.

Once these are nailed down, continue to work through your one-year plan by quarter, then by month, week and day. This will give you quantitative measures for engaging the health of your business. Keep these key features top of mind:

  • Look specifically at the quantitative aspects of your business.
  • Measure everything.
  • Execution is the No. 1 goal, and consistency is key.
  • Take executive time to plan daily.

As we step into the fall, we have two options: Look at 2020 as a trying time that we’re glad we made it through, or see it as an opportunity to grow stronger by using the coronavirus disruption as a learning experience.

2021 can be our business’ best year if we take specific, measurable and authentic steps toward that end. It all begins with reviewing, revising and reengaging your business plan. Start today and begin the adventure. Put the wandering to rest … and think big!