THINK Big 2-Minute Blog: Creating Your Brand

Everyone is always sizing us up, determining their opinion of us based on the image and brand we give off. Your brand is simply what people say about you when you walk out the door.

Forget the notion that branding is expensive or just for big corporations. Social media is the great equalizer, and here’s how to use it to cement your brand:

  • Double down on your content. Be of service, be of value, be content-rich, and give it all away. If needed, hire writers or editors to help generate content.
  • Don’t get hung up on how many “likes” and followers you’re getting. Instead, attract brand ambassadors, people who are using your product or service and will refer you to other people.
  • Set measurable and meaningful goals like generating five ambassadors who really love your work. When each of those five tells just one person how great you are, you now have 10 ambassadors – and so on.
  • Determine how many ambassadors you need to double, triple or quadruple your business. And figure out how long it will take. Don’t think about instantly “going viral” – it’s much more realistic that it will take a year, maybe two or three, to really establish your brand.
  • A good brand stays relevant. Are you innovative? Are you sticking to your core values?
  • Start small and build that branding muscle memory. Spend at least five minutes a day planning and mapping out your brand.

Are clients calling you quickly? Do they see you as an advisor? A good brand creates a chemical reaction of excitement. And excitement is how you think big … Really Big.