THINK Big 2-Minute Blog:  Ride that Confidence

We all know that sales isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s tough to face that phone, especially when life is not going exactly how we’d like.

Along those lines, there’s a lot to be said for striking while the iron is hot. Just closed a big deal? Hold that celebration for a bit and first capitalize on your triumph.

  • Call key clients and prospects when you feel great. Ride that confidence of being on top of your game.
  • Channel that energy of success by bringing concrete ideas and interesting news of the industry to your clients.
  • Ask clients their plans for additional revenue and give thoughts on how they can grow their NOI (net operating income) and ROI (return on investment). This (and always following through) is how you get your clients to view you as a trusted resource.
  • Let them feel your passion for the industry and your drive to make a difference for them.

Think of it as a surfer catching a big wave. They ride it as far as they can, then turn around and swim right back into the deep water to grab the next one. Always ready to catch the next one is how you think big … Really Big!