Jon Dwoskin Forbes Coaches Council Article: Growing Your Virtual Teams: An Essential Reality

Read Jon’s Forbes Coaches Council Article, Growing Your Virtual Teams: An Essential Reality  

Virtual teams have really caught on this past year, but many might be surprised to learn that the trend actually predates the pandemic. According to this HubSpot study, participation in virtual teams grew by 25% between 2010 and 2018 — long before we had ever heard of Covid-19 and thought of a worldwide pandemic as something only seen in the movies.  

As a solopreneur business coach, I have always depended on a virtual team. Since I have no office to go to, I either work out of my house, a client’s office, or, in the good old pre-pandemic days, a coffee shop. And while I don’t see them very often (if at all), I rely tremendously on my virtual team…

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