Your tip for today is to start doing a 30- to 60-second tip of the day on all of your social platforms. I want you to share the content you have with the world. You are going to give away a lot of content. You are going to help a lot of people make money that you never meet, and who never tell you that you helped them. But that’s ok. From it, you will gain a lot of clients, a lot of credibility, a great brand and you’ll also stay sharp because those who teach, they learn. If you want to know how to do it, you can use your Mac, your iPhone, iMovie, ScreenFlow software; it’s so easy. You upload your tip to YouTube and embed it on your site and (social), and you’re done. It may sound complicated, but it’s not. I am happy to share my secrets with anybody. Just call me or email me. I hope to see your content on social media soon. Have a great day and always, Think Big!