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Jon talks with Founder, Principal of Stereo Brand Agency, DJ Hurula, about how to grow and scale culture-centered brands with purpose.

As the Founder/Principal of Stereo Brand Agency, DJ Hurula builds culture-centered brands committed to greatness beyond scale and purpose in excess of profit.

DJ launched Stereo in January 2021 after running ONE Brand Studio for nearly 20 years as a solopreneur. He’s a brand thinker and an integrator who loves to solve problems in ways that make the world a more wonderful place.

Everything he does ties back to a single unifying principle: A brand’s highest potential is to move the planet forward. If you want to develop a brand that can do it, you have to start with corporate mindset, then build on the culture your mindset creates. Plenty of people disagree. They say DJ is full of it. Those people run other agencies. They feel more at home where cynics abound. DJ doesn’t worry about them. In fact, he hardly notices they exist because he is so focused on what matters to his firm: building brands that go beyond. Stereo is a natural partner for Small Giants, Virtuous Disruptors, and entrepreneurs who believe business can be so much more.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.