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Jon talks with CEO of GooRoo, Scott Lee. Gooroo is an educational technology company that provides accessible educational videos through ‘Gooroo Courses’ and personalized tutor matching services.

Scott Lee was helped and inspired by various tutors and mentors in his life. He felt fortunate to have such expert guidance, but realized that it was inaccessible to most of his peers. In high school, Scott connected thousands of tutors to Korean students in need. After college, Scott created Gooroo to bring accessibility and excitement to education outside the classroom in New York and beyond.

Gooroo is a burgeoning community of passionate teachers and curious students. This year, Gooroo launched Gooroo Courses: a subscription-based platform for curated video content offering a wide range of lessons in various subjects and skills. For every purchased subscription, Gooroo donates an additional subscription to a family in need in an underserved community. With an eye on education for all, the company’s mission is simple. Gooroo wants to make learning engaging and accessible to everyone, so their potential is supported and their dreams are realized in an enjoyable way.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.