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Need a great gift to send to clients? Jon talks with Joe Newmyer, “The Wine Guy.” Listen to how Joe builds relationship capital and life-long clients.

Owner and wine aficionado Joe Newmyer opened The Wine Guy in the Fall of 2011, with a vision of creating the area’s only wine tasting bar. After a successful career owning an automotive supply company, Joe sold his business in 2003 and started Classic Wine Cellars, The Wine Guy’s partner. Classic Wine Cellars designs, builds and manages cellars for clients seeking to create a home for their wines.

Though owning and operating Classic Wine Cellars kept Joe very busy, he never lost sight of his passion for fine wine. He knew that in order to achieve his long standing dream of sharing great wine with the community, he would have to establish his own wine tasting bar. Luckily, Joe achieved his dream and The Wine Guy opened it’s doors on September 26, 2011!

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.