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Ryan & Danielle Grilz host the Ry&D Show, an educational and entertaining platform that aims to provide people meaningful, relevant, and inspiring content from world class leaders.

Ryan was born with Cerebral Palsy, so standing out from others has always been an aspect of his life. Being uncomfortable with a skinny stature, Ryan took performance enhancing drugs, which has left him in chronic physical pain for the past 10 years. He possesses an innate ability to build rapport, create, and maintain meaningful relationships. Despite this skill, he consistently felt a disconnection to many of his friends, family, and colleagues. Ryan realized he was falling into the typical life pattern: go to school, get a solid corporate job, get married, move into a house, and have kids. He uncovered the societal norms/standards, his passions, and his calling did not overlap. It turned out Ryan’s calling is what ultimately brought him to where he is today; to inspire as many lives as possible.

Danielle, a passionate singer by heart, grew up with frequent obscure panic attacks. She struggled to comprehend her parents’ shocking divorce. Little did she know, the divorce of her parents would not be the biggest tragedy she would encounter in her early life. Danielle found herself stuck in a toxic relationship and almost faced death from domestic violence. She proved to herself and everyone she inspires, that nothing is unsurpassable. There are always blissful silver linings from all experiences if your mind is open and accepting. Danielle turned a horrific time of her life into what most would call a miracle. She is now a living example of where mindset alone can take you.

The Ry&D Show will be an educational and entertaining platform that aims to provide people meaningful, relevant, and inspiring content from world class leaders. A podcast is currently being created to broadcast content on multiple platforms. The show also intends to host frequent virtual events which are comprised of an ecosystem of specialized and diverse partnered experts. Eventually, there will be an application where subscribers/members will have the opportunity to purchase various costing programs that have been tailored by the partnered experts and Ryan and Danielle. They are obsessed around creating an environment where people will have the opportunity to feel heard and that they belong.

In addition, Ryan and Danielle have their own coaching programs. Ryan has a 30, 60, and 90-day program that maps out how to go from Searching to Belonging. Holistic daily disciplines are taught and integrated for those who seek to maximize all areas in their life. Danielle has a 30, 60, and 90-day program that guides women through the journey of how to go from Victim to Victor. She passionately focuses on self-care strategies that transforms one’s life through building confidence and self-worth.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.