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Jon talks with Meghan Lynch, Founder and CEO of Six-Point Creative, a brand strategy agency that helps “second-stage” companies break through growth plateaus.

As part of her mission to help small businesses challenge the goliaths, Meghan has served as an expert advisor to second-stage clients in a wide range of industries, from fast-casual restaurants to industrial manufacturers.

Meghan and the team at Six-Point provide clients with the experience and expertise to make smarter, faster, better positioning decisions that drive growth. Their flagship program is Solve for Y, which combines branding and marketing best practices with the guidance, education, and change management that second-stage companies need. Six-Point further supports their clients with CMO-level strategic oversight, budget management, and marketing plan execution to help companies punch above their weight.

In addition to her brand strategy work with Six-Point, Meghan is a sought-after speaker. She was named an Enterprising Women of the Year in 2019, and enjoys testing her limits as an endurance runner.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.