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Elliot and Dominic, two entrepreneurial brothers, have taken the business world by storm over the last few years. Together they have built a group of successful agencies across the UK and the US through a combination of growth and strategic acquisitions. The agencies operate under Chapman Capital and include a B2B growth agency that has worked with some of the world’s largest tech brands, a podcast booking agency that has booked guests in over 2,200 podcast episodes with 700+ hosts, a TV ad agency in London, and a full-service marketing agency.

Elliot has been running businesses since the age of 20. He helped set up a local soccer school in Bournemouth and managed to grow it into the number 1 regional coaching program. He was later headhunted by the biggest amateur soccer club in the US and appointed Director of Coaching in Boston. Elliot also ran the family business, an IT management consultancy, where he helped take it from a £2.5m to a £5m+ business. Since 2019, Elliot has been involved in Chapman Capital and various other ventures.

Dominic’s entrepreneurial journey began when he became head of innovation at Specsavers at the age of 19. He built one of the healthcare apps still used in stores today before starting his first two businesses, a design agency, and a clothing brand. Dominic launched Stemx, a tech platform in the recruitment space, and raised £400k from angel investors. The platform ran over 10,000 video interviews in 10 countries. Since 2019, Dominic has been involved in Chapman Capital, Social Chaps, Speak on Podcasts, FKC London, Low & Behold, and

Elliot and Dominic have combined their expertise and experiences to build a thriving business empire. They continue acquiring more agencies that service clients globally and will announce their new ventures over the coming months.

In their spare time, Dom and Ell enjoy football, golf, running, traveling, and spending time with their families.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.