Hey everybody, this is Jon. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people asking me how many times I think it’s appropriate to follow up without being annoying when you are in sales and chasing a prospect. Here is my feedback: It used to be that many, many years ago, there was something called the 17th Time rule. That meant that you had to call somebody 17 times before they would call you back or somebody had to be exposed to something 17 times before it would sink in.

About a year or so ago, that number changed to 29 because of social media, so it became the 29th Time Rule. I would say that now it’s the 36th Time Rule because things are moving so quickly. So I would call somebody 36 times religiously if you really want to chase that prospect. When I was in sales and I was dialing for dollars, I would call somebody on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, probably again on a Friday, Tuesday, then Thursday. I wanted to get through that 17, 29 Time Rule as quickly as I could.

So be tenacious at calling people. Don’t worry! You will never annoy people. I promise you. They will only thank you for being consistent on your follow up, your tenacity and it will only come across as a powerful marketing campaign. I know this is a long tip but trust me; don’t stop calling, don’t be scared, always have something relevant to say and just have fun doing it. Have a great day and always Think Big!