Here’s your tip for today. There are daily questions that I want you to ask yourself: No. 1: Did I grow today? No. 2: Did I move with and on my purpose for myself and my company? That’s huge. When you ask yourself, “ Did I grow today,” it’s, “Did your company grow today, too?” It’s a dual question. And did I ask one good question today? We learn, no matter how C-level we are, or how great we are as a sales person, if you’re not asking good questions, you’re not growing. Write down really good questions. Come up with a new question every day that you’re going to ask. If you want to grow, if you want to take your business to the next level or take your relationships, your influence capabilities, your ability to grow as an individual leader but as a company, ask good questions. Have a great day, enjoy these questions and always, Think Big!