Today, your tip of the day to stay top of mind. When you are in LinkedIn, I want you to pay attention to staying on top of your prospects’ minds or people you want to notice you. For example, if I am in LinkedIn and I am trying to prospect somebody or stay on top of mind, it’s very important that I am liking what they do. They get notification that somebody – by name – has liked there material and all of a sudden, when you press like on something, when you cold call that person, if they’re following their LinkedIn account, they know that you like whatever they’ve posted. (When you call them), you can mention, “Hey I just read or saw something that you posted on LinkedIn.” We all want to get on top of the pile…so you can get on top of the pile by utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media by liking other people’s things. Don’t discount that! Have a great day and always, Think Big!