Welcome back to Friday, which is the Spring Break week we’ve been going over: a little something to do every day to do to grow our business while our clients are most likely on vacation with their families. Today is all about updating your business plan, updating your 90-day plan and really thinking about doing a 10-day sprint, which is an accelerated jolt, turbo-charged, 2-week, 10-day (opportunity) to rocket those goals; times them by 2 or 3 or 4. Make sure that business plan is in line with where you want to be for the year and for the quarter. If it’s not, adjust and figure out how you’re going to do that. And correct that today. That’s it, have a great week. We went over Monday, Tues, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It’s right here on the screen. You can go back and listen to this week. It gives you little pointers every day. I hope your business is exploding as we speak. Have a great day. Always, always, always, Think Big!