In the first video when we talked about what business you’re in, we talked about just thinking about it a little bit more. And then we talked about having business mastery over pivoting in business. Then we talked about the importance of relationships. With technology today, relationships are defined differently but face- to-face relationships are critical; picking up the phone and talking to people is critical but now we move into a business I think we are all in: sales and marketing. We are in sales, no matter what position we have in the company and we are always marketing, whether it’s internally or externally; a company, a person, every business we are in. It doesn’t matter what business you are in today or if you change businesses tomorrow. Pivoting, relationships, sales and marketing are the keys and those are the foundations of the businesses you are in. Because without it, you can’t grow and if you don’t grow, you fall behind. This was part four of the series, “What business are you really in.” Have an amazing day and always, Think Big!