One of the things I see everyday in my business is what makes somebody great vs. exceptional, good vs. great, ok vs. good, and it keeps going up the ladder. One of the main things are habits and rituals. I am going to give you one right now that will absolutely grow your business: Look at your business plan every morning, and look at it every night. You can even look at it during lunch. It should fit into one page, even a three by five card. Look at it, evolve it and move it. The best business plans change every single day. If you are working in the trenches of your business, you know what is happening before anybody does. You are so ahead of where the market is going that you’re adjusting your business plan. And if you get in the habit of looking at it every morning and every night, then you’re going to adjust it so you’re always ahead of the competitor, make more money, have more fun and just enjoy the ride. Have an amazing day, and always, Think Big!