I want to talk about a fundamental in business today that can either make you grow, and allow you to be incredibly successful, or (it can) force you into complacency, by moving backwards, decreasing your business, decreasing revenues and just not where you want to go. It’s the difference between habits, namely good habits and bad habits. Habits and rituals are something that you really need to make sure you are doing every single day: the positive, good habits that are moving your business and a lot of times there are one, two or three metrics that are growing your business in a positive way.  If you’re not doing (This) and you have bad habits and you spend your days talking about your bad habits, and saying, “I’ve got to get back to my good habits.” The longer you wait, it’s kind of like dog years, one day is equivalent to 7 years. In today’s business world,  knowledge is doubled every single year. Every 12 months, an individual’s knowledge is doubled. So if you’re  wasting time with bad habits and not keeping up with the minimum of doubling, you’re falling behind. So please, get good habits, stick to your good habits and re-commit to your habits. Have an amazing day, and always, Think Big!