So hopefully you have spent the last four days building your business plan and road map for 2017. If you haven’t, I want you to turn this off and set a plan to do it. Because, what I did is, I wanted to have you build it in chunks over the last five days. Day 1 – Spend 30 to 60 minutes minimum on each section where you’re reviewing the past 12 months and reviewing what went right and went wrong.  And you’re really taking a microscope to everything you did in 2016. Day 2 is what do you need to stop doing in 2017 and what do you need to start doing in 2017 to build your business with solid momentum. On wed, we talked about paying attention to your metrics and what you’re going to measure yourself and your team by in 2017. Metrics are critical and we need to understand them to grow and run our business. Step 4 – now we are putting your full business plan together.

So today I want you to spend 30 to 60, minutes assuming you’ve done everything else, and I want you to break down your business plan in to quarterly plans, or 90 day rocks. I like looking at things in 90-day intervals because it’s more measurable. You break it down; you have your year goal, your quarterly goal, your quarterly rocks. You reverse-engineer that to see what you need to do each month, each week and each day. So it really becomes very simple. You know what you need to do each day. Have an amazing day and always, Think Big!