Welcome to the 2017 January sprint. This is a 5-day jolt to get you on a sprint to build your business. Step one: We talked about committing to habits, and on day 2, we talked about brushing up your business plan. On Day 3, we made sure the right people were in the right seats. Today, I want you to double the metrics that will double your business. For example, when I was a (real estate) broker, we could easily measure the success of how we were doing based on the number of proposals we did. So, it was very common speak that if you wanted to double your business, you doubled your proposals. In that respect, if you’re a salesperson and you did 50 proposals last year, I want you to do 100 this year. If you want to double your business, double your metrics that are easily measurable to the close of anything. Spend some time figuring that out and commit to the habit of doing it. Have a great day and always, Think Big!