There are so many people I talk to, and I tell them I’m writing a book with Waldorf Publishing and they always say, “I always wanted to write a book.” I wanted to make this tip out today because I have been writing for years. I have backpacks full of books I have written, and I write all of my own material on my website. That being said, I still have an editor and a copywriter, and I am not a writer. I can write, but I am not a writer. So when it came to writing my book, I knew I needed a co-writer, so I worked with a guy named AJ Riley. I say this as a tip of the day because for all of your who want to write a book, but don’t have the time, and you have a lot to share with the world, get a co-writer who you can collaborate with and write a phenomenal book and share what you want to share. There’s no shame. Yes, you can get a ghostwriter. I could have gotten a ghostwriter too but I didn’t feel like that was legit because part of the story with me, and part of what I wanted to share is that I love to write but I am not a writer and I know when I need help and I know when to build that time. If you want to write a book, get a co-writer if you need it. Have a great day and always, Think Big!