Fortune cookie with message that says: do not put it off until tomorrow
In this BONUS EPISODE, Scott and Jon tackle common smokescreens our clients and co-workers throw at us this time of year. Learn how to blast through these smokescreens and keep your business on track during the holiday season.

Hosts: Jon Dwoskin & Scott Fishman.

*E - explicit language is used in this podcast.

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Scott Fishman:    Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Seven Minute Sales Minute podcast. Your bite-size and easy-to-digest guide to jump-starting your sales career and putting you on the road to gaining more prospects, more clients, more business, and ultimately, more income.

Hi, this is Scott from the Seven Minute Sales Minute podcast. In this bonus episode, Jon and I tackle common smoke screens that pop up this time of year. Don’t let other people’s excuses hurt your business. Listen and enjoy.

Hey, Jon, how you doing?

Jon Dwoskin:    Good Scott, how are you?

Scott Fishman:    I’m excellent. You ready to record the podcast this week?

Jon Dwoskin:    You know, I’m really busy. Busier than I thought so I’m thinking maybe we should just pick up after the holidays.

Scott Fishman:    Jon, which holidays are you referring to?

Jon Dwoskin:    Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving. I was thinking maybe January 7th-ish.

Scott Fishman:    Jon, I’m picking up what you’re putting down here, and one of the things that I know is that when you and I started this podcast we promised to hold each other accountable so I’m going to challenge you a little bit here. One thing that I’ve noticed in my life is that in the holidays things actually slow down a little bit. Business is a little bit slower and then after the holidays, come that first Monday after the holiday, everyone is freaking out trying to get everything done with their hair on fire. So, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Am I right?

Jon Dwoskin:    Yeah, but I kind of like that slow down. It gives me time to just disconnect and chill. And, I don’t know if I’m going to be in the mindset to want to do a podcast.

Scott Fishman:    Jon, I hear you, and I’m going to paint a little picture for you. Here’s the way I see it. We put this off and I’m okay with it. Let’s just put it off. Let’s paint the vision of what’s going to happen if we put this off.

That first Monday, January 2nd or whatever the date is – I don’t have a calendar in front of me – but, we get to that day you’re going to be super busy. You’re going to have all your clients that are going to need help. You’re going to have things that you need to do, you’re going to have bills due. You’re going to have to deal with family stuff because our family puts stuff off. So, you’re going to have way more on your plate then than you do today. So, what I suggest is that we just get this started.

This will be like showing up at Secretary of State to renew your driver’s license at 8:00am and being number 1 with that ticket when you pull it. Now serving number 1 versus showing up at 4:00 and getting number 200. And they’re on number 75 and you’re sitting next to someone, acid wash denim, who definitely smokes a pack a day in their car and they’re renewing their tags and they’re trying to talk to you with their bad breath and you’re with that person. I think we should just get it started right now, what do you say?

Jon Dwoskin:    I think you’re right, you bring up some good points so thanks for holding me accountable and, you’re right, let’s do it.

Scott Fishman:    Thank you.

Jon Dwoskin:    You’re welcome. Thank you.

Hi, may I please speak to Mr. Fishman?

Scott Fishman:    You got him.

Jon Dwoskin:    Mr. Fishman this is Jon Dwoskin. How are you today?

Scott Fishman:    I’m doing great.

Jon Dwoskin:    Mr. Fishman I am selling X, Y and Z with X,Y and Z company and I want to come sit down with you. What’s your availability this week – maybe Tuesday or Thursday at 2:00 or 3:00?

Scott Fishman:    You know what Jon, I actually am in need of X, Y and Z because my ABCs have been running a bit low. But, honestly, things have been so crazy over here. Do me a favor, can you give me a call after the holidays?

Jon Dwoskin:    I completely understand and a lot of my clients that I talk to are saying the same things – that it’s just so busy with the holidays – but I just want to take 5 minutes to come over, introduce myself, drop off some materials, shake your hand and just talk to you for a couple minutes to see how my services and what we do can benefit you. Does Tuesday at 3:00 – I’ll be in the area.

Scott Fishman:    Tuesday at 3:00. I’m just going to be honest with you. I am super-busy. How long did you say this is going to take?

Jon Dwoskin:    It’s going to take 5 minutes. I’m going to be in the area meeting with about four other of my clients and I’d like to stop by and just drop off my business card and take a couple of minutes just to talk to you. Are you free at 4:00 or 2:00 that day?

Scott Fishman:    2:00 actually works for me.

Jon Dwoskin:    Okay, I’ll stop by at your office at 2:00 and I look forward to meeting you, Mr. Fishman.

Scott Fishman:    I look forward to meeting you too.

Jon Dwoskin:    Take care.

Scott Fishman:    Thank you.

Jon Dwoskin:    Thank you for listening to this episode of the Seven Minute Sales Minute. For show notes and worksheets pertaining to this week’s show, check us out at the sevenminutesalesminute.com. Take today’s strategies and run with them. Increase your sales and increase your income.