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In this BONUS EPISODE, Jon and Scott recap methods and strategies you can employ to ensure your business doesn’t get overcome by a food coma this holiday season. That Tryptophan can be a momentum killer.  Don’t let it put your biz down for a nap!

Hosts: Jon Dwoskin & Scott Fishman.

*E - explicit language is used in this podcast.

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Announcer:    Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Seven Minute Sales Minute Podcast. Your bite-size and easy-to-digest guide to jump-starting your sales career and putting you on the road to gaining more prospects, more clients, more business, and ultimately more income.

Jon Dwoskin:    Hey everybody, this is Jon. Good morning, and welcome back. Today is Wednesday, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I want to wish all of you and your families a happy Thanksgiving. I’m very grateful, as I know Scott is as well, that you take time to listen to our podcast. And, hopefully you’re getting a lot of benefits and executing a lot of the things that we suggest to you and your business is just soaring. As we move into tomorrow – today is Wednesday morning – hopefully, you’re listening to this early because we want to give you a quick reminder of five things to do before you leave for the holiday. Let’s get started. Clean your email and your desk. Critical. You want to make sure that you leave with a clean desk and a clean mind. Scott, any thoughts?

Scott Fishman:    I forgot I was even here. You just had me mesmerized! You sounded so good, Jon. I think the big thing is: just remember that if you leave with a clean desk, when you come back you’re going to thank yourself. There’s nothing like that sense of accomplishment of having a clean desk or making your bed or things like that – that show that you actually accomplished something. But, when you come back, it’s so nice.

Jon Dwoskin:    Get some desk cleaner. I mean really clean it. Get the dust that’s been settling over the last twelve months.

Scott Fishman:    Exactly. The one thing with that – also, when your clean your email out, too – it ensures that anything that’s in your email box – and we’re going to touch on this in a little bit – is, well, anything in your email box when you get to work is something that needs to be addressed at some point when you come.

Jon Dwoskin:    Well said. Next. Number two, plan and review your plan for Monday and the week. November 30th, don’t come back sluggish from the holidays. It’s going to feel like you took two weeks off even though it was maybe three, four, five days, and plan November 30th. Don’t get lazy on this one. You don’t want to waste a very valuable day because there’s not many business days for the rest of the year. If you can plan out the whole week of November 30th, do that. It’ll be effective. And, like Scott said just now, you’re going to thank yourself.

Scott Fishman:    Once you do that plan, I think something important, which is going to be time release for yourself is to email that plan to yourself so you have it as well.

Jon Dwoskin:    Well said. Put it in Dropbox, email it to yourself, print it out, and have a copy in your car. Third, do a cursory business plan for December. Review what you’ve put together, what we’ve talked on past podcasts, review your business plan, get ready to kick some ass in December and know exactly what you’re supposed to do, what you want to do. And, stay and remain focused.

Scott Fishman:    There’s a quote, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” And, it’s true. But, at least if you have a cursory overview of what your December should look like, it’ll keep you on track. Worry about the minutia later. But, having a macro plan is helpful.

Jon Dwoskin:    Next, email all loose ends and clear up anything that you can to ensure that you enjoy the holiday. This is critical. Send out the email to the clients, give them your cell phone like we’ve talked about. Let them know that you’re there for them – that everything’s in motion and they can call you if anything comes up – so they can enjoy their holidays. Basically, get everything cleaned up so you can enjoy your holiday.

Scott Fishman:    Exactly. We earn it. We work our butts off so we do want to make sure that we actually have the ability to enjoy the holiday. If we’re sitting there worried about one loose end or something that didn’t clear up before we left the office, shame on us. We ruined our holiday, not our clients.

Jon Dwoskin:    Well said. Last, the fifth tip is call your top five clients, if you have not. Just say thank you. Thank them for their business and let them know that you’re there for them in December and 2016, and you’re looking forward to doing a lot of business with them and growing their business as well.

Scott Fishman:    Right. Now, Jon, let’s say we do all this, it’s going to ensure that we get the ability to enjoy time with our friends and family.

Jon Dwoskin:    Absolutely.

Scott Fishman:    Maybe we can pick up a client along the way, but once we come back to work on Monday morning, we need to start our Monday just like it’s the 1st of the year. We need to come [crosstalk 00:04:29] fresh.

Jon Dwoskin:    Absolutely.

Scott Fishman:    I think the biggest thing you can do for yourself, especially after all the extra food: get up early, get a workout in as if it is the 1st day of the year. It’s your New Year’s resolution to lose those ten pounds. Start it that Monday morning. Are you ready for work?

Jon Dwoskin:    Couldn’t agree more. If you want to be sharp with your clients, which is what we all have to do as salespeople, we got to feel sharp. Critical.

Scott Fishman:    One thing we talked about previously is clearing out the email before you leave the office Wednesday, right? I talk about how I’m not a big fan of email inbox zero unless it is the day before the holiday. Think about this, we’re coming back to work, we’re going to have emails. If we jump in our email right away … I want us to do our best to not do that. If you jump in right away you’re going to be reactionary as you mentioned earlier this morning to me. Not only that, all of our clients, they’re getting back to work and what are they doing?

Jon Dwoskin:    Checking their email.

Scott Fishman:    They’re checking their email and they’re being reactionary. They’re mood – the very beginning of the morning – is probably bad because not everyone listens to this podcast, Jon, so they didn’t work out, they didn’t get up early.

Jon Dwoskin:    Right.

Scott Fishman:    They didn’t plan ahead on Wednesday so they’re on that treadmill that’s running full speed, they’re pissed off, they’re starting their Monday like, “How am I ever going to do this, I should have done this, this, and this over the weekend and I didn’t.” If we’re getting ahead of the curve, let the email sit until lunchtime. Check your email at noon.

Jon Dwoskin:    I agree. I think that’s so important and I’m just going to go … One additional thought on that is don’t wake up at five in the morning or six in the morning, wake up, grab your cell phone, and start your day that way either. You may do that every day now, but don’t do it when it’s just going to ruin your day. It’s going to control you, you’re going to get sidetracked, and everything you’ve prepped for is going to go for naught.

Scott Fishman:    Exactly. You’re going to ruin your mindset before you even start your day so don’t do that. Stay out of email and voice mail.

Jon Dwoskin:    Basically, if you’ve emailed Scott and I over the holidays, we won’t get back to you till afternoon Eastern time on Monday the 30th.

Scott Fishman:    Right. I’ll be heating up leftovers from the weekend.

Jon Dwoskin:    After your workout.

Scott Fishman:    After my workout and I will be talking to you while I enjoy my lunch. One other thing we talked about was building a plan before you left the office Wednesday. You have a plan. You took the time to make that plan, right? You might as well execute on it, so let’s make sure that we get to work and we execute on that plan. Cross things off as you do them. Handle the big tasks first. There’s that book, Eat That Frog, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it.

Jon Dwoskin:    Sure.

Scott Fishman:    Eat the biggest frog first. Knock them out one at a time and work your plan. It’s the easiest way to get things done so you might as well do it. You planned it. Let’s get it done.

Jon Dwoskin:    I love it. Easy tips; hard sometimes to execute. Take some executive time, plan these out into your day, put them into your calendar, and really commit. It’s going to take discipline, but a few minutes of discipline will make you a lot of money.

Scott Fishman:    Right. Now folks, this time of thanks, it’s very important that we do say thank you to all of our listeners and we want to make sure that you take advantage of these bonus episodes that we’re dropping in between our regular episodes. We hope that it helps you. As a matter of fact I know that it is helping some people. I’ve gotten great feedback now. I want to say, again, thank you very much for taking the time to listen, I say it every week but please take the time to drop us a review on iTunes. Every review helps and we thank you.

Jon Dwoskin:    Thanks everybody. Have an amazing Thanksgiving.

Scott Fishman:    We’ll see you next week.

Jon Dwoskin:    Thank you.

Announcer:    Thank you for listening to this episode of the Seven Minute Sales Minute. For show notes and worksheets pertaining to this week’s show check us out at thesevenminutesalesminute.com. Take today’s strategies and run with them. Increase your sales and increase your income.

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